Advantages of Acquatherm :

• Clinical studies have proved that high water vapour is effective in mobilizing thickened airway secretions.
• Breathing warm & humidified gases from AcquathermTM is an effective method of core rewarming.
• Warm humid gases have been found to inhibit the nasal response to allergy. Water vapour at 41°C is as effective as aerosol therapy in reducing allergic rhinitis symptoms.
• The effect of heat & humidity optimize the use of nasal Cannula thus helps the Practitioner to use higher flows.
• Provides the User to use higher flows without adverse effects & patient’s discomfort like nasal drying, bleeding & septal breakdown.
• Higher flow provides numerous clinical advantages. Advantages of AcquathermTM when combined with the advantages of High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation effect of Bubble CPAP is a Boon for the Infant Care takers.

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Bubble CPAP Comprises :

• An Air Oxygen Blender to control the FiO2 accurately.
• In built oil free Dry Air Compressor.
• Separate Flow meter & flow controller
• In line water Manometer provided to indicate the CPAP level.
• CPAP water bottle with tube to set the desired CPAP levels.
• Safety Pop off valve preset at 40 cm H2O.

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