“Shreeyash” PC900 / 903 is a Pressure Controlled, Time Cycled, Continuos Flow Respirator, intended for Neonatal & Pediatric use.

Seven different modes of ventilator enhances user’s efficacy to match the varied patient Condition’s.



Special Functions :

Provision of Bias Flow (neonatal & pediatric), Help line facility, auto mode, formula key etc are useful features of this equipment.

A large 4 lines LCD display indicates various warnings, messages, like actual PEEP, inspiratory pause, Spontaneous & mandatory time period in SIMV mode, patient in apnea, various formulas, expired tidal volume, minute volume, Peak flow, (only in PC903) etc. that are of ut most importance to clinician.

Considering the Indian condition this ventilator is designed to work on very low pressure. It works only on 1.5 PSI (100cm H2O) as compared to 30 PSI (2100cm H2O) by contemporary. This helps to save a lot of oxygen.

The entire computerized controls works on very low power (only 12 V DC).

Modes :

• Controlled Mandatory Ventilation
• Controlled Mandatory Ventilation + Sigh
• Assist Controlled Mandatory Ventilation
• Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation+Pressure Support
• Patient Triggered Ventilation
• Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Plus Pressure Support.
• Pressure controlled Inverse Ratio Ventilation (Separate mode key not provided)

Digital Displays:

• Inspiration Time 2 Digit Green LED display
• Set PIP 2 Digit Green LED display
• Respiratory Rate 3 Digit Green LED display
• Expiration Time 2 Digit Green LED display
• Trigger Level 3 Digit Red LED display
• I:E Ratio 3 Digit Green LED display
• Spontaneous % in SIMV mode 2 Digit Red LED display
• Pressure Support 2 Digit Red LED display
• Tidal Volume (Only in PC903) 1 to 499 ml.

Alarms :

• High Air way pressure
• Low Air way pressure
• Apnea
• High Respiratory Rate
• Gas failure

Technical Details:

• Input Gas Pressure: Air & Oxygen at 60 PSI. (4kg/4 Bar/420 KPA)
• Ventilator working pressure: 100 cm/H2O
• Electric supply: 230 Volts AC ±10%, 50 Hz

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