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The striking feature of this unique “Bilibed” comprises



• Works on very low power. Consumes only approx. 90 watts as compared to 160 watts consumed by fluorescent lamps. Hence saves your power & money.
• Special blue light emitting diodes (LED) used in cluster to provide effective wave length between 450 to 480 nm range.
• A total of 14 LED’s of 3 watt each are placed in the under surface unit.
• The detachable & light weight stand unit comprises a cluster of
16 LED’s of 3 watt each.
• The LED has an incredible long life (more than 20,000 hours), hence absolutely maintenance free & cost effective.
• The phototherapy source can be used in conjunction with any make radiant warmer.
• The baby cradle & the under surface box in mounted on a sleek trolley that will enhance the ambience of your NICU. Small storage compartment enhances your operational dexterity.
• The compact size of the Phototherapy system saves your valuable floor space.
• Special lazor beam is provided to indicate the center of the Baby Bed.
• White observation (LED Based) Lamp Provided for Illumination Purpose. (For source unit only).

Micro controller :

• Indicates usage hour whenever the unit is put on
• Photo Therapy Dose Time can be set from 30 minutes to 24 hours in 10 minutes increments
• Feed Alarm can be set from 30 minutes to 3 hours in 10 minutes increments
• Constant display of set photo therapy time dose & dose received by patient
• Auto cut off once the set dose time is over. Audiovisual indication provided with Auto Mute facility.
• Audiovisual indication to change the LED’s after 10,000 hours.
• Alarm provided for Feed, Change LED, Dose over with auto mute facility.