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Striking Features of Care PLUS+++ Resuscitator
Manually Controlled Ventilation:

• Special Pressure regulators incorporated in the system to reduce the pressure of Compressed Air & Oxygen from 60 PSI to 1.5 PSI to ensure utmost safety of the infant and avoid wastage of gases.• Inbuit Air Oxygen Blender with marking provided. FIO2 can be selected from 21 to 100% with an accuracy of ± 3%.
• Flow meter with Flow control valve provided to indicate and control the flow of blended gas delivered to patient.
• Inline water manometer provided to indicate CPAP & PIP levels.
• Unit provided with “TEE” piece, with the facility to set the CPAP level from 2 to 10 Cm H2O. The “TEE” piece is placed on the infants face mask.
• A safety POP off valve activates if the circuit pressure exceeds 40 Cm H2O.
• PIP can be delivered by occluding the “TEE” piece. Setting Range: 2 Cm H2O to 40 Cm H2O by seperate knob provided on the panel.
• Rotatable Heater Box for ease in X ray procedures.

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Slow suction:

• An Inbuilt gas driven slow suction provided which can be operated on either compressed Air or on Oxygen. Electrical slow suction can be provided as per requirement at extra cost.
• A dial is provided that indicates suction pressure.
• Unbreakable suction collection bottle provided along with the unit.
• A separate suction level controller provided for selecting the suction values.
• Maximum suction pressure does not exceed 150 mm Hg.