Micro controller based Servo Proportionate Control, Ceramic Heater, Two modes of warming, Manual & Servo Mode.


Sensor :
Extra Large diameter of sensor helps in
a) More accurate temp. reading of Neonate.

b) Helps easy fixation. Sensor to baby contact material plated in ‘Silver’ for improved sensitivity. Soft silicon sensor cable enhances flexibility Upgradable Model due to extra rings that allows addition of new features like C-Pap, “Shreeyash” ventilator, Suction etc. if & when required, hence your model never becomes absolute. A feature made available only by “Shreeyash”.

Designer Trays : Utility personified

Innovation :
Efficacy personified due to –
A) Rotating Saline stand : Extremely useful when shifting the IV line from one side to Other. Not possible in any model around the world.
B) Rotatable Temp. Controller helps in adjusting various viewing angles as per users Requirement. (Rotation Limited)
C) Two Rotatable Monitor trays that can be brought forward when required or can be parked behind when not needed.
D) Rotatable Heater Box for ease in X ray procedures.
E) Two extra rotatable rings on which any accessories can be added by user whenever required.

Infrared Heater :
marked German make ceramic heater or efficient Quartz crystal heaters available. User the choice is yours !

Storage :
* 1 Large open tray for either keeping necessary baby related things or can be used to keep under surface photo therapy source.
* One small drug tray to store necessary drugs conveniently organised & separated & One small utility tray. (trolley model only )

Micro Controller BasedIntensive Care Double Surface Photo Therapy Comprises :-

1. Four Blue Tubes (Philips Holland Make specially made for treating Hyperbilirubinaemia) with white filter
2. Stainless Steel reflector
3. Height adjustment facility enhances varied usage
4. An aesthetical design to liven up the ambience
5. A rotatable saline stand
6. Multipurpose trolley that can be used with warmer or can be used as a stand alone crib.
7. Under surface photo therapy source with four blue tubes, S.S. reflector, white filter and micro controller

Micro controller :-

1. Indicates tube usage hour whenever the unit is put on
2. Photo Therapy Dose Time can be set from 30 minutes to 24 hours in 10 minutes increments
3. Feed Alarm can be set from 30 minutes to 3 hours in 10 minutes increments
4. Constant display of set photo therapy time dose & dose received by patient
5. Auto cut off once the set dose time is over. Audiovisual indication provided with Auto Mute facility.
6. Audiovisual indication to change the photo therapy tubes after predetermined hours. (Auto Mute facility provided)
7. Alarm provided for Feed, Change Tubes, Dose over with auto mute facility.

Models Available :-
1. Photo Therapy Source Unit Only
2. Photo Therapy with Trolley
3. Under Surface Source Only
4. Double Surface Photo Therapy.

Open Care System
Comprises Servo warmer, over and under surface Photo therapy to make a Perfect Duel

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Technical Specifications

Technical Details
Model : Jeevak Warmer.
Height : 1880 mm (74 Inches)
Baby Bed Size : 735 x 480 mm (29″ x 19″ )
Monitor Tray Size : i) 325 mm x 225 mm ii) 295 mm x 225 mm
Working level : 1000 mm from ground
Tilt : +/- 8 degrees
Side Supports : Acrylic Drop Down Type

Electrical Rating : 230 VAC +/- 10% 50 Hz
Observation Lamp : Halogen (12 Volt, 24 Watts)
Heater Wattage : 650 Watts
Heater Type : Ceramic / Quartz crystal

Electronic : Micro Controller based servo Proportionate control
Controller with feather touch keys for temp. setting.

Display : 3 Digit Green LED for indicating set temp, Apgar time.
4 Digit Green LED for indicating baby’s actual temp.
in C & F
Alarms : Over Temp., 2 safety active, Sensor fail, 3 Safety
active, Apgar time, Feed time.
Best environment : 22 to 28 degrees
for operation

Accessories at extra Cost –
1. Cage to hold oxygen cylinder.
2. Neovac slow suction. (electrically or venturi operated)
3. Manometer, Humidifying bottle with flow meter.
4. Resuscitation Kit.
5. Air oxygen blender.

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